YouTube ReVanced v18.17.43 (Latest, Many Features)

YouTube Vanced Latest APK

What Is YouTube Vanced ?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official youtube application which adds a number of features to the official YouTube app, including built-in adblocking, pip mod, background playback, black/dark themes, and much more.

Why It is better then official app ?

The official app is the one you download from playstore. It has lots of ads and everytime when you start a new video you have to see a Ad and after that only the video will start paying. Now i know this Ads are essential for the creator of the videos because from this they generate their income. But sometimes this ads are really irritating when you are in a hurry to watch a video but the ads are slowing you down. Sometimes in some videos their are multiple ads in between the video too which totally ruins the experience and the moment too.

This is why Vanced is better then the official app because it blocks the ads in the whole app which mean you will not see a single ad in the whole app and you can browse and stream videos without any interface. Amazing right?? Not only this.. their are more features which makes the youtube vanced better then the official app. Lets discuss that..

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Features of Youtube Vanced :

• Fully Adfree : As i already told that this app is fully adfree thats why you will not see any ads in the whole app. You can experience streaming without any ads to disturb you.

• Background Playback : You can play videos in background also. This is a youtube red feature which is paid ofcourse, but in this app you get this premium features for absolutely free of cost. Amazing right.. play songs and videos in background while doing multitasking at the same time.

• Pictures In Pictures Mode : Yes my friends, if you are using android version 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0 then you use enjoy picture in picture mode on you android device. Again this is a paid feature in youtube red which you get for free in this vanced youtube app. Cheers 🤣🤣

• Dark Mode : After knowing about all the amazing features mentioned above this feature may not feel so special but yeah this mod has dark mode too.. you just need to enable it in the settings. Simple !!

Installation Tutorial :

How to install YouTube Vanced : Tutorial


  1. FYI for those of you having issues related to logging into your Google/YouTube account, this is likely because one thing this ReVanced app page fails to mention, just as with the original YouTube Vanced, in order to use it while signed into your Google/YT account, you need to use it in conjunction with an app called MicroG. The old Vanced Manager had it packaged in and it was actually a Vanced specific version. I haven’t DL’d ReVanced yet as I’m actually still using Vanced and probably will until the big G pushes an update that breaks it but I was visiting the site in search of something else, stumbled upon this and figured I’d mention it. Maybe it helps someone, maybe not but it can’t hurt to be aware of the requirement. I’d post a link to my crib if MicroG but if you were smart you wouldn’t trust links/DL files from randos on the internet, so just use your Googling prowess 😉

  2. So to be honest, the Vance’s version of YouTube and YouTube music are one of the best apps out there, the only request that I have is, that the function of downloading videos and songs would be unlocked and I have a pixel 6 with all it’s smart features, and the phone recognizes that this isn’t the real YouTube, so when I want to open a song, that my phone has found with the now playing feature, it can only open it from the official app or the same is with the sleep sounds you can use in the settings with YouTube music, they won’t work either (I know it’s much but this app is really amazing)

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