Youtube Music ReVanced APK v6.14.50 (Latest, Free)

YouTube Music Background Play / Premium Apk

YouTube – One of the largest video sharing platforms. People can freely view videos without any charge. Moreover, with the increasing demand in people for listening to music, certainly YouTube itself has become a music player. Here, we present to you with YouTube Music Premium Apk , absolutely free of cost.

YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube; it provides a tailored interface for the service oriented towards music streaming, allowing users to browse through songs and music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations

Features of YouTube Music :

  • A new music streaming service by YouTube
  • Don’t know a song’s title? Just search for the lyrics or describe it.
  • Listen to all the titles available on YouTube
  • Switch to audio and video easily

Features of YouTube Music Premium Apk :

  • No need to purchase premium to play
  • Background play enabled
  • No need for VPN to play
  • Switch to audio and video easily
  • Ad-Free

In addition to the songs that are in your Interest, this application suggests you with songs in contrast with the currently trending songs on the internet. You can use the ” Hotlist ” to search for songs currently dominating the musical world, globally.

I use this all the time. It is an amazing music app. It has the best of both worlds, the randomness of Pandora, but the ability to find and listen to any song like Spotify. I have youtube ref which definitely helps the experience, but the free version is still great. The music is very customized, and you can find any some or music video with ease.

– A frequent YT Music user

Installation Instructions :

  1. If you wish to login as well, Download Micro G to login in the YT music app.
  2. First install MicroG, then install ytmusic app. This order of installation must be followed other mod may not work.
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Start Streaming!


Q: How to get premium?

Simply download and install the application. That’s it, you’ll get the mod features simply by following this method.

Q: Is it safe to use mod apk ?

Yes, all the modded apps available on our site are safe to use, without any malware or trojans. If you wish to, you can use virustotal to scan the application before installing after all, security first!

Q: How do I know if APK is malicious?

You can scan the app in virus total website. The website will scan the apk file and will let you know if the apk is malicious or not. But Virustotal also gives false positives sometimes

Q: Some features are not working correctly. What to do?

We here at modding united try to get you the best mods possible. However, since this isn’t the actual premium account, some server sided features might not work. You’ll have to do with what you’re provided. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Conclusion :

Youtube music is great because it the largest collection of songs and playlist.. although its not my favorite but yeah it’s not bad. I use it and am pretty happy with it.. try yourself


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