Night Owl Premium APK v3.04 (Latest, Unlocked)

Night Owl MOD APK

Night Owl MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Want a blue light filter app for your Android device? Then Night Owl Mod APK is just the right app for you. Night Owl Premium APK filters blue light and makes it warm tones which helps in protecting your eyes while using your android device at night. So if you like the earth and share it with your friends and now let’s discuss full details about the app.

What is Night Owl APK?

Do your eyes feel tired when you read on your phone at night? Do you have trouble falling asleep after looking at your phone’s screen for a long time? Night Owl might be the solution for you! Night Owl filters out blue light and reduces the brightness of your phone’s screen more than you can achieve with Android settings, which helps you avoid eye strain, insomnia (inability to sleep), and headaches when staring at your phone in the dark.

Why use Night Owl Premium APK?

According to the investigation by the famous British oculist, the number of people suffering from myopia has increased by 36% compared with 1997, when there were no smartphones, and mobile phones began to come into use. If the progression continues, then by 2035 more than half of the people around the world (55%) will have poor eyesight.

Blue light – a part of visible light with a wavelength of 380–780 nm, directly affects the biological rhythms of a person, the cycles of vigor and sleep. Phone screens emit blue light and its excessive exposure is especially dangerous for the eyes, causing symptoms of digital visual fatigue, eye damage, and behavioral disturbances. As noted in the report (Harvard health publications), blue light may even be associated with the development of certain types of cancer (possibly as a result of a decrease in melatonin levels). Night Owl MOD APK filters blue lights and changes it into warmer tones which helps in protecting your eyes.

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Features of Night Owl APK:

  • Dim the entire screen, notification icons, and notification drawer
  • Easily adjust the filter intensity in the app or from the notification.
  • Filter the blue light or customize the tint color.
  • Schedule the app to start and stop automatically via timer or sun scheduler.
  • Shake the device to stop the app. (optional)
  • Disable auto-brightness and lower device brightness to minimum automatically when the app starts.
  • Use quick setting tiles to start or stop the app quickly.

Mod Features:

  • Night Owl MOD APK Latest version
  • Premium version unlocked
  • All ads removed from the app
  • CPU Architecture Supported: Universal

Installation Instruction :

  1. Download app from the link given above {Important}
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  3. Here click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn ON the Install from Unknown Sources.
  6. Then install the APKand wait for it to get installed.
  7. That’s it! Now, enjoy your app & share our website

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