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Temp mail mod apk

Temp Mail MOD APK (Ad-Free/Alternative)

Hey guys, today I will provide you Temp Mail Mod APK latest version. Temp mail Premium APK lets you generate disposable emails without any ads for free. So if you like the APK then make sure to gives your reviews in the comment section below and also share our website with your friends and relatives so that they can also enjoy amazing apps for free. Now lets discuss full details about app.

What is Temp mail Premium MOD APK?

Using Temp mail pro app, you can instantly generate disposable temporary email address and immediately receive emails, including photos or any other attachments. Forget about revealing your real email to everyone. It causes endless spam, advertising mailings, email hacking, and phishing attempts. Keep your real inbox clean and secure. Temp Mail pro provides a temporary, anonymous, free, disposable email address in 10 minute mail style. 

Features of Temp Mail APK:

TempMail mod apk

Keep your real email private and don’t reveal them to people you do not trust. Many sites sell your email address to spam companies which hence lead to spam in your inbox with promotional messages and more annoying things.

  • Hide yourself from spam
  • Generate temporary disposable email instantly
  • Protect your privacy and anonymity by not allowing spam in your personal inbox
  • Read incoming emails, including attachments

Features of Temp Mail Pro APK

  • All ads are removed from the app
  • Generate a new email address instantly
  • Extended email storage
  • In-app emails view

TempMail mod apk is one of the best temporary mailing service. However, it does have ads that disrupts your flow of work. Sometimes can be annoying. thanks to this mod now i can use premium version with any ads for free

– anonymous

FAQ :-

Q: What is temporary email ?

A temporary email is a disposable emails which can be used to be anonymous and be safe from spam messages. It will save you permanent emails from spam mails.

Q: Is it safe to use mod APK?

Yes, all the modded apps available on our site are safe to use, without any malware or trojans. If you wish to, you can use virustotal to scan the application before installing after all, security first!

Q: How do I know if APK is malicious?

You can scan the app in virus total website. The website will scan the apk file and will let you know if the apk is malicious or not. But Virustotal also gives false positives sometimes.


    • thanks for the support. bdw the apk you are requesting is server sided app and cant be moddded.. still i will check once and let you know.

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