App Cloner Pro v2.7.2 (Latest, Premium)

App Cloner Premium apk

What is App cloner ?

App Cloner Pro is an app is a tool which allows user to clone any type of app and use two version of app in the same android device. This can be really usefull in many cases when you want want to use 2 Accounts of same app in same phone simultaneously.

It also allows you to ad some tweaks in the cloned application like change app icon, name, version info and much more.. you can even remove permissions from the app and also remove restrictions from the app. Amazing right?? Yes it is.. But not all features are free in this app. To unlock some features you need to buy the pro version of the app which is very affordable.. But if you can’t afford to buy the pro version them don’t worry!! Today we will provide you App Cloner Pro apk for free

Why Use App cloner Pro?

As i already mentioned that in the free App cloner app which you can download from playstore, all the features are not Unlocked.. Some Features are only available for Premium users which is good.. But No everyone can afford buying the pro version of the app but actually really needs it.. so, for those people this app can really helpful..

If you want to use multiple social networking accounts or login to multiple accounts of a game on the same device, App Cloner Premium is a perfect solution for you. App Cloner Premium is a great app for users who wish to use more than one account on the same phone. As its name implies, it will help you create clones of applications and help them work independently.

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Feature Of App Cloner :

  • Easily clone any applications
  • Create multiple copies of app
  • Modify app the way you want
  • Make every app look different
  • Save and share cloned application
  • Disable auto-start, Stop rotation
  • And many more things can be done..

Mod Features Of app :

  • Premium feature unlocked.
  • Not asking to update.
  • Analytics was disabled.
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load

Final Words :

If you are using more than one social media account and having issues of switching between accounts then App Cloner Premium will help you solve the problem to a great extent. It has a very simple interface, easy usage, and isabsolute secure. Anyone can get used to using the app without reading any type of instructions. We will always update the latest version of this application to you when it is available..

– Modding United
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